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Porão Velho Vintage Red Wine

Penafirme White, slightly sparkling

Porão Velho Vintage Rose Wine

Penafirme Rose, slightly sparkling

Porão Velho Vintage White Wine

Pias ou não Pias, Red Wine VdT


Encosta da Vila - Sociedade Agrícola, Lda
Rua Moinho de Vento, nº 9 / EN8 – Km 49
2560-574 Torres Vedras

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Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm

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We offer a wide range of wine tasting courses, to satisfy the curiosity of the beginner or to complement the knowledge of the advanced wine lover.

Our wine tasting experiences are the perfect excuse to create unforgettable memories. Bring your group of friends and make a vineyard tour followed by a wine tasting where your questions about all the wine making process can be answered. Offer your loved one a romantic wine tasting, we will dedicate all our efforts on making it a memorable moment. And, why not, indulgence yourself with the highest form of hedonism and make a private solo tasting, the perfect way to glorify the god Bacchus.

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Successfully elaborate and implement a new brand for the modern wine market is a demanding task that requires the most skilled professionals.
Our team is composed by qualified professionals focus on increasing value to your project.
Developing your idea from scratch or implementing a new methodology to your winery, we can provide you with the technical knowledge to achieve your goals.
From the soil analysis and variety selection to the vineyard implementation we help you establish the correct path for producing the best grapes for your wine.
We develop protocols to achieve the best results in the winemaking process of each type of wine and provide regular monitoring of the aging process until bottling.
The design and marketing team is dedicated to produce the most appealing image for your wine, suggesting different bottle types, developing labels and packaging.
The success of the distribution management of the winery is the final goal of our team.

  • Vineyard and Winemaking Business Planning
  • Real Time Monitoring (through sensors)
  • Vineyard Land Assessment: Ideal Land Selection
  • Vineyard Establishment
  • Vineyard Management: Day-to-Day Management Services
  • Winemaking and Distribution Management

The Art of Tasting Wine

A Tasty Subject?

Gauging the personality and character of the wine that we are sipping is an awe-inspiring journey. If we want to learn this beautiful art of tasting and understanding great quality wine, the first thing we need to do is create the right ambience for it.

Serving temperature is a crucial element when tasting wine. A wine that is a degree too warm or too cold can seriously impair the tasting experience, particularly when tasting high quality wines. There are a few basic rules that should be observed if this exercise is to be a success: aperitif wines should be served slightly cooler, and the use of an ice bucket is perfectly acceptable even for red wines, although not to excess. The serving temperature should never exceed 18°C, as a wine will never reveal its true qualities when it is too warm.

We run these occasional tastings throughout the year. They are opportunities to explore a vintage, a property, a type of wine, a country’s style, a dinner party line up with nibbles… and so on. We generally taste the wines in pairs, and we give background information plus commentary, and ask for your feedback.

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